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Cyrus IMAP 3.2.0 released with JMAP support

14 May 2020 / JMAP Community

The Cyrus team proudly announced the first stable release of the new Cyrus IMAP 3.2 series: 3.2.0.

This release includes many new features including JMAP protocol support. The implementation demonstrates the importance of the possibilities and benefits of the protocol itself and its continued expansion.

It should also be noted that many other solutions also support the JMAP protocol, including for example Cypht and Apache James clients.

JMAP as “Proposed Standard”

30 December 2019 / JMAP Community

On 18 July 2019, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published the specification for JMAP as RFC 8620. The IETF is the internet standards body that reviews, refines and publishes high quality, fully open technical specifications to enable web interoperability.

JMAP is the next standard for client-server synchronisation, the open and modern protocol to replace IMAP and SMTP. Open standards are the engine of the internet, and JMAP will help resolve the limitations encountered in current protocols, making communication with mail servers faster and more secure. JMAP is especially beneficial in mobile environments, allowing longer battery life through request batching, and better control over the amount of data the server is allowed to send.

JMAP standards make life easier for developers and allow efficient use of network resources. The published specifications, RFC 8620, on July 18 2019, and RFC 8621, on August 13 2019, have introduced JMAP to the world!

K-9 Mail is working on adding JMAP support

15 November 2019 / JMAP Community

JMAP is in constant evolution, it has a lot to offer, especially on mobile devices for which IMAP has not been designed. Since its creation, more and more solutions have already supported it or are considering integrating it as a protocol. This is the case of K-9 Mail which is an open source email client for Android with many advanced features.

This was first announced as a proposed idea on K-9 Mail’s proposed ideas page for application for the Google Summer of Code 2017. Then, in September 2019, in a comment, Cketti indicated a possible work on the JMAP support for 6 months from September.

Moreover, through his another comment of September 09, 2019, we can understand that the project is no longer in the proposed idea stage, but that he is already working on adding JMAP support to K-9 Mail. Find the list of solutions that already support JMAP and those that are already working on it.

JMAP Barcamp 2019

2 July 2019 / Tuan LE CONG

Last week, Linagora Vietnam was organizing a barcamp event during three days. The topic was JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP), used for synchronizing and accessing mail data for OpenPaaS INBOX. Attendees were the James team, Jungles team, QA team and our guest Michael Bailly, OpenPaaS product owner from Paris office.

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JMAP is on the home straight

27 December 2018 / Bron Gondwana

In 2014, we talked about JMAP. , the open protocol for modern email, which was born out of the web interface we have since 2011. We believe in open standards, both as a contribution to the community through what we have learned and as a bulwark against the growth of walled gardens. JMAP in 2014 was a first draft protocol and an idea. JMAP in 2018 is almost finished the standard process and has a solid use in the real world. Let’s look at what has happened in the last 4 years.

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The JMAP Test Suite

9 December 2016 / Ricardo Signes

This is the ninth post in the 2016 FastMail Advent Calendar . Stay tuned for another post tomorrow.

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Dec 23: The JMAP momentum builds

23 December 2015 / Neil Jenkins

In our advent blog series last year we announced JMAP, our effort to make a better standard for synchronising mail, calendars and contacts. Exactly one year on, we thought it would be good to give an update on our progress so far. Replacing ageing technology standards takes time, even when there are huge advantages over the previous generation, but we were delighted to see significant advancements this year. We’ve been talking with mailbox providers big and small, as well as server and client developers, to raise awareness and get people onboard. And already, the momentum is building.

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An open source JMAP proxy, JavaScript library and webmail demo

11 August 2015 / Neil Jenkins

Last December we announced the JMAP project , our effort to develop a new open protocol for mail, calendar and contact clients that’s faster and more powerful than the current standards. Since then, we’ve continued to refine the specification, and other companies have come on board to help build the future of email. Atmail is using JMAP to power their next-generation mobile apps. The next version of Roundcube, the world’s most popular open-source webmail, will be built on JMAP, with support from Kolab. Thunderbird has started looking at integrating support.

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Dec 23: JMAP — A better way to email

23 December 2014 / Bron Gondwana

This blog post is part of the FastMail 2014 Advent Calendar. The previous post on 22nd December was the long awaited beta of contact syncing . The final post on 24th December is about our work environment .

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